PAP Smear and Maturation Index - Conventional  
CPT 88164†, 88155†
Test Code 5600076
Test Includes  
Specimen PAP Smear and Maturation Index Slide
Volume 1 slide
Container Slide carrier or 30 mL red top slide container with 95% ETOH
Special Instructions At the time the test(s) are requested, the following patient information must be entered on the requisition or into the computer: 1. Last menstrual period; 2. Radiation therapy; 3. Intrauterine device (IUD) use; 4. Clinical cancer; 5. Hormone therapy; 6. Previous abnormal cytology
Specimen Prep Because almost all cancers of the cervix begin near the squamocolumnar junction, it is imperative that smears be taken from this area. Lubricant should not be used as it obscures cellular detail. Remove excess mucus from the uterine cervix and vagina before the samples are taken. Using a modified wooden Ayre spatula, obtain a sample from the extocervix. Rotate and scrape the external os. Gather the sample material into a small area at end of the slide (labeled with patient's name in pencil). Do NOT allow the ectocervical specimen to air dry while continuing the collection. Using a cytobrush or Ayre spatula, obtain a second sample from the Endocervix by rotating the brush or spatula within the endocervical canal. Mix the ectocervical and endocervical samples together with the brush. Excluding the frosted label area, roll the brush across the entire slide creating an even and thin smear. Immediately, fix the smear in PAP PAK fixative or container of 95% ETOH. For maturation index/hormonal evaluation: Scrape lateral vaginal wall. Spread thinly on separate slide. Fix immediately in fixative from PAP PAK or container of 95% ETOH. Label slide M.I. Label the vials with the patient's first and last name, collection date, and identification number.
Storage Room Temperature
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 30 days
Stability Refrig  
Stability Frozen  
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value WNL - Negative for intraepithelial lesion 
Performed Monday - Friday    
Comments Never reuse the cytobrush. Never use the cytobrush for sampling the endometrium. Do not use the cytobrush in the endocervical canal on pregnant patients.