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InfA   Influenza A Subtyping Assay
Now including Influenza A Seasonal H1 Subtype
[download PDF]
pocaaa   Aerococcus susceptibility testing
[download PDF]


hepb   Hepatitis B Viral Load version_2
[download PDF]
sss   Influenza A CPT Code Change for 2011
[download PDF]
blood   Hypercoag Test Announcement
[download PDF]
Letter   A Respiratory Virus Testing Update [View PDF]
Letter   Coagulation Specimen Requirements and Stabilities[View PDF]
Letter   Changes in Genetic Test Reporting[View PDF]
Letter   Coagulation Testing Update[View PDF]
Letter   Urinalysis Testing Update[View PDF]
Letter   Respiratory Virus Testing Update [View PDF]
Letter   Nucleic Acid Amplified Testing for Identifcation of Mycobacterium Avium Compex [View PDF]
Letter   Instructional Video - Proper Collection of Quantiferon specimens (from WI State Lab of Hygiene) (Click Here)
Letter   Hemoglobin A1C Testing [View PDF]

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